viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2008

día de asueto.

went downtown to get film, hella cops.

... turns out polaroid 1200 film its officially out of stock in Mexicali. I've been drinkin and drivin all mornin and ive got to take a piss real bad. Since im not customer i cant use the fuckin restroom, so i got to pee out in the open. I walk up to an alley and take a 5 minute long piss. There's a gang of flies buggin me while i pee and a fucking heinous smell creepin into my nostrils, here's why:

im on the lookout for the cops, i dont want to spend friday night in a cell for pissin in public. It's a familiar place, no sweat.

Los Tecos 13 still standing strong.

It aint gonna stop.